Welcome to the Arctic Culture Forum

The Arctic Culture Forum is an educational initiative dedicated to increasing awareness of the Arctic, its people and their culture by hosting public events and programs in and around Charlottesville, VA.120216_Inuit Owl

The Arctic Culture Forum will host a series of events and programs focused on increasing awareness about cultural, environmental, and political issues concerning the Arctic and it’s people. Initiated by Judith Varney Burch and Beatrix Arendt, the Arctic Culture Forum intends to bring the beauty and mystery of the Arctic to UVA and Charlottesville. By sponsoring undergraduate and graduate research, educational events, and art exhibitions, the Arctic Culture Forum seeks to make Arctic culture more accessible, while documenting the struggle of Arctic communities to cope with changing weather conditions brought on by global warming.

The objectives of the Arctic Culture Forum is to
1) Coordinate, plan, and execute public events that educate American audiences about climate changes in the Arctic, as portrayed in Inuit art and culture;
2) Promote research and scholarship on Inuit/Arctic culture and art;
3) Encourage stewardship of Inuit/Arctic culture locally and globally.

See Events and Programs for details on current and past events, and visit the comfortable study gallery on Elliewood for your own arts and culture experience!